october LISTINGS

0CT 05 TBC

OCT 06        Sam De La Rosa (Mannequin, NYC) + Simon Conway

OCT 12        DC FSLMan and Chris Raymond (Bodytonic)

OCT 13       Sally Cinnamon

OCT 19       Nialler 9 

OCT 20       Sunday Times! (5 hour set)

OCT 26       Not How, When!

OCT 27       Friday Night (80’s Halloween Party, Will Dempsey and friends)


Hang Dai Sound System Specification


Alpha Recording Systems Model 4100 Mixer
Alpha Recording Systems Model 3500 3 band crossover
Alpha Recording Systems Model 3600 dual 3 band crossover
Technics SL1210 x 2 on on TPI lab grade isolators


Very high quality 1” B&C Compression drivers on 15” SEOS Waveguides. 
These are a very high end hand made home HiFi horn that give exceptionally clear sound and even dispersion.
The mids are 450w 12” BMS Ultra low distortion Mid bass drivers in Tuned reflex cabinets.


Assisted Port Alignment Subs developed by Elements Audio.
Super clean HiFi Bass, pushing approx 7000w total.


Processing by BSS soundweb London, tuned to the venue’s space plus network throughout the building.
Amplifiers are 5 x MC2 Audio T Series old school Analogue with Heavy Copper power supplies
Full active system, each speaker has dedicated amp channel


Our custom HipHop jaxx system with a 400w Custom Turbosound speaker in each cubicle.